Service Agreement

The Buyer of the Service is an individual - an Internet user. Legal entities for use of the reservation system must first conclude a contract. The buyer, using reservation system, independently forms an application for the Service and sends it to the Company. The company confirms the receipt of the application by assigning a unique identification number, after which the Buyer gets access to payment. Without payment, the application is not accepted. The buyer is responsible for the flight data provided. In case of incorrectly indicated The Company can not guarantee the filing of an Application.

Payment for services

Payment for ordered services can be made by Visa and MasterCard Visa и MasterCard

The service is paid using the Platron payment system. When you pay, the information is sent in an encrypted form over the TLS protocol and are stored only on a dedicated server payment system. Thus, the Company does not have access to your payment information.

For any questions regarding electronic payments, you can contact the 24-hour service support Platron by e-mail or by phone +7 495 983 3279.

In case the passenger did not use the VIP lounge services through the fault of the airline or the airport, the money is returned in full to the card from which payment was made. Appeals for This issue is accepted only within fourteen calendar days from the date of departure or arrival by e-mail The cost of the service is returned with deduction of bank commission 2.4%.

About the boundary


Since July 8, 2015, in connection with the instructions of the Russian FSB, the procedure for passing preflight and post-flight formalities in VIP halls on international flights has changed.


From 08.07.2015, all passengers departing on international flights will be able to check-in for the flight and check-in in VIP-lounges.


After that, passengers will be accompanied by an employee of JSC "VIP-International" to the general hall for passport control and pre-flight inspection (aviation security).


The passengers will then be escorted to the gate via a teletrap or delivered by a separate transport to the aircraft (if long-distance parking of the aircraft).


From 08/07/2015 VIP passengers arriving on international flights will be met at the exit from the aircraft according to the existing procedure and are held for passage of passport and customs control in the common room.


Further passengers will be accompanied by an employee of JSC "VIP-International" to receive baggage in the VIP-hall. In connection with the change in the procedure for registration for international flights, we recommend arriving in VIP-halls not less than 1.5 hours before the flight.


On domestic flights, the procedure for passing all formalities remains unchanged.


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